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Maintenance Contract

Example of Annual Support Contract (Hardware/Software)
Agreement made the                      day of
By and between :  "Customer"  (hereinafter called ‘the Client’ of the one part)
and:  Meridion Techonolgies  (hereinafter called ‘the Supplier’ of the other part)
WHEREBY it is agreed as follows:
1. General

In consideration of the Contract agreed and undertaken by the Client, the Supplier shall endeavour to provide support & maintain in good working order the equipment referred to in the Schedule hereto, upon the terms and conditions hereafter appearing.

<<Contract> and <<Contract+> Plans require a full audit to be undertaken on system installation and / or pc's / workstations, so that a comprehensive support plan can be implemented. It is a condition of <<Contract> plan that access to system (particularly server hardware, software and network infrastructure) be limited to supplier staff and only those client staff agreed to be competent to undertake administrative duties.

The application software is current at time of installation; information on updates, from time to time available, is obtainable from the Supplier at the request of the Client.

2. Preventative Support / Maintenance

The supplier shall arrange, at times mutually convenient to the Client and Supplier, dependent on and if covered by contract agreement undertaken, for each machine as detailed in schedule, to be checked, adjusted, cleaned and tested during each period of twelve calendar months covered by the Agreement.

<<Contract> plan clients will be advised of available system & security patches and have the opportunity of supplier remotely or on-site, performing necessary update to ensure system integrity.

The client is fully responsible for the proper care and housing of the equipment and for the implementation of regular back-up and archiving routines. The Supplier accepts no responsibility for problems caused as a result of poor housekeeping by the Client.

3. First-Line Support

This agreement is based upon first-line support via telephone / email / remote access (where appropriate). All such support calls, will be initiated by the Client and the service is available during the hours specified in relevant outline of contract (excluding annual shutdown period between Christmas and New Year).

The Supplier will provide operational help and advice to the Client via Telephone / email / remote access as is specified in relevant contract outline; such help will relate to operational queries only, Requests for software amendments/updates will be dealt with separately and will be chargeable (where required by software publisher).

4. Repairs / Support Calls

The Client has responsibility to report any defect occurring to the system within 3 working days of the defect becoming apparent.

On receiving notice of a defect, the Supplier will undertake remedial action, as appropriate, eg: telephone advice, e-mail support, remote access, repair visit, return of goods etc.

In case of hardware breakdown any replacement items which are supplied are covered by the terms of the manufacturers warranty, as applicable. The Supplier has the option to replace equipment rather than repair if this is considered by the Supplier to be more appropriate.

Support / Repair visits shall be made on the basis outlined in the support contract/agreement undertaken:-





5. Parts

a) Replacement of parts shall be made as necessary at inspection visits and/or repair calls, at manufacturers current prices.

b) Consumable parts may be fitted free of charge provided no special journey is required, otherwise consumable parts are excluded from the Agreement.

6. Exclusions

The Supplier shall not be liable for the cost of repairing and damage to the equipment caused by:

a) theft, fire, flood, accident, explosion or acts of God;

b) misuse of the equipment by the user or additions to the equipment not approved or fitted by the Supplier;

c) inspection, adjustment or repair of the system equipment by persons not in the employ of or agreed with the Supplier.

7. Support Charges

The premium at the rate specified in Schedule shall apply for a period of twelve months from the date of the Agreement and shall continue thereafter unless and until the rate is revised by the Supplier to cover increased cost at the end of the first period or at the end of any succeeding period of twelve months.

The Supplier will provide one months advance written notice of any such revision to the Client.

Payment will be by Standing Order (where applicable) in advance.

8. Entry of Premises

The Client shall allow all necessary access to their premises to enable the Supplier to carry out services and repairs as agreed. The Supplier shall comply with the requirements of the Client in the matter of ensuring the identity and bona fides of any engineer or other person requiring to be admitted to the Client's premises in connection with the Agreement.

9. Termination

The Agreement shall remain in force for one year from the date of the acceptance by the Client and thereafter until cancelled by either the Client or the Supplier on one months advance written notice at the end of the current contract period.

Outline of Contracts
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