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LAN SUITE 2003 Feature Tour

602Pro LAN SUITE includes a Fax Server that provides automated fax services through a standard fax modem. All incoming faxes are deliver to user mailboxes or printed directly to a printer. Sending faxes from any networked PC is as easy as printing!

Network Faxing
Give all users on your network the ability to send and receive faxes with this easy-to-use fax server. The fax server is fully integrated into the mail server and provides seamless fax-to-e-mail communication for each LAN SUITE users. Fax directly from any Windows application as easy as you print a document using the print driver from the FREE 602Pro LAN SUITE SendFax Client. Your current e-mail client's address book can be fax enabled as well. With the SendFax Client the following address books are supported:

Windows Address Book - Outlook Express
MAPI Address Book - Outlook 9x/2000
Default E-mail Client - Netscape Messenger,
Eudora, etc.

Alternative fax method are Web Mail or e-mail-to-fax conversion. Simply send an e-mail TO: FAXNUMBER@fax as the recipient and LAN SUITE will convert your document into fax and send it out using OLE support. Common file formats like TXT, HTML, DOC, XLS, etc. are supported. This is perfect for third party software integration!

LAN SUITE supports standard TAPI devices, so any regular fax modem will work. LAN SUITE can support one modem for Faxing and another for dial-up Internet access. The same modem can be shared for both functions as well.

Automatic Printing and Management
LAN SUITE can be setup to operate just like a traditional fax machine. It can automatically print received inbound faxes to a printer connected to the server and send fax by e-mail to the user with the appropriate right. Direct-to-user fax distribution by Fax ID is available.

Obtain centralized control of your fax requirements. Setup fax priority over the Internet connection if only one modem is shared for faxing as well as for Internet access. Limit user rights to faxing, review logs of sent faxes, setup automatic re-dial attempts and more.

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