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LAN SUITE 2003 Feature Tour

The Mail Server in 602Pro LAN SUITE provides web-enabled, secure and virus/spam-resistant e-mail services. Secure your e-mail and stop wasting time on unwanted e-mail!

POP3 and SMTP Server (Standard and SSL)
This standard based SMTP/POP3 server allows using a variety of standard POP3 e-mail clients. LAN SUITE can also be used as an SMTP relay server for other mail systems. SSL (Socket Secure Layer) access to SMTP/POP3 provides secure, encrypted transmission between the e-mail client and server.

Connection via a static IP address can be configured as a complete SMTP server and a dial-up connection with a dynamic IP address is supported with POP3 e-mail collection and distribution. This function will automatically download and sort e-mail from remote POP3 mailboxes into local mailboxes. Outbound ESMTP authentication, POP before SMTP and APOP logins are supported for server to ISP communication.

Anti-virus Plug-in
Support for third party anti-virus software from Grisoft, Inc. (AVG) is included. Install AVG on the same PC as LAN SUITE and all inbound e-mail messages and attachments will be scanned for malicious viruses and worms at the server before they reach your user's mailbox.

Close integration with AVG provides an enhanced virus warning system. All infected parts of the e-mail can be automatically removed, an e-mail notification to the recipient can be sent and the entire message can be delivered to a special account for later review. LAN SUITE supports the freeware version as well as the commercial version of AVG. For more information on AVG click here.

Spam Protection
LAN SUITE uses the latest technology to block unsolicited e-mail and prevent your system from being used as an open relay by bulk mailers. It supports IP filtering along with the ability to specify users from which e-mail will or will not be accepted.

The anti-spam blocker (i.e. blacklist) allows rejection of known hosts/senders the user does not want to receive e-mail from. LAN SUITE also supports DNSbl-style lookup services to detect spammers from different categories such as, dial-up, open relays, spam sources, and more (MAPS, RBL lists, etc.).

Web Mail
Give users access to e-mail ANYWHERE using a standard web browser. This is very attractive for remote users or users away from their desks with a need for quick and easy access to their e-mail, folders and address books. Built-in WAP support gives users instant e-mail access on-the-go with any WAP compatible mobile phone.

The Web Mail interface can be personalized for each users requirement with their own text signature, e-mail preview, and other setting options. Dial-up users can activate ZIP support, which will automatically compress (.ZIP) any incoming attachment to lower the bandwidth requirements. Web Mail also supports spellchecking (US/UK), shared address books, delivery notification and allows user access to automatic e-mail rules (e-mail-to-folder sorting, autoforward, etc.).

Shared Address Book
LAN SUITE manages a shared user list for quick inter-company communication. Any e-mail client with LDAP support (i.e. Outlook Express) can search the LAN SUITE user list for recipient information. Web Mail provides direct access to all shared address books. Web Mail administrators can create public address books and any user can create their own private address books that can be accessible from any web browser.

User rights, such as: sending and receiving faxes, distributing unsorted e-mail, sending e-mail to the Internet and being included in the LDAP address book can be restricted by the administrator. Automatic Fax distribution by FAX ID is supported and multiple e-mail aliases can be setup for each mailbox.

Each LAN SUITE user has a personal mailbox for storing incoming e-mail and faxes. A mailbox size limit can be setup for each mailbox. If the limit is exceeded, all messages are temporary queued until the user cleans the mailbox.

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