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What Is AVG Active Modular Core?

Most users do not need to worry about technology solutions the developers used to create the final application. But sometimes, the technology represents such advantages and/or revolutionary approaches, which changes the programs reliability or ability in a radical way.

Typical examples can be found in the new technologies we used to create AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System. We think these new technologies are very important and we would like to describe to you more about them.

Older, Less Reliable Approach
All existing anti-virus programs until now have been using several completely separate programs bundled together into an anti-virus solution (see the picture below).

Since the program modules are developed separately and usually in different programming languages, some are better than others are, even though they all come in the same box. For example, maybe the on-demand scanner's AV engine will catch a virus that the e-mail scanner's AV engine would miss. In any case such a structure does not offer its user the best possible protection.

New AVG Revolutionary Approach
In the new AVG 6.0 approach, each of AVG's components does not have its own AV engine. Instead, there is a single, central engine, AVG Active Modular Core, that each of the main components use.

Using AVG's new approach, the various scanners can't become unsynchronized with respect to finding viruses because they are all sharing the same scanning engine. As the engine is updated with new capabilities, then all the scanners will get that benefit automatically. Also there is only one AV database. Another advantage of using a single engine is that there is only one synergistic AV development team that reduces time wasted duplicating each other's efforts across several different engines resulting in substantially increased software reliability. Healing viruses shares the same benefit.

Since a single, centralized engine does all healing, there is no difference in the healing capabilities for each different scanner (except for some practical limitations shared by all AV programs).

Using AVG Testing Engine in 3-rd Party Programs
AVG's Active Modular Core is also available as an embedded AV engine - giving software and firmware developers the ability to offer their customers 'virus free' products. Thanks to the AVG Active Modular Core's unique structure, the AVG anti-virus engine is ready to support any third party application by our own AVG API libraries.

ooking forward, it's not hard to imagine your archival software scanning your data before it is zipped to insure it's virus free. Or what about your backup program scanning your files before they are saved? The possibilities to substantially eliminate the threat of virus infection are virtually now unlimited.

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