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AVG Anti Virus Server

Anti Virus Server is aimed at protecting Windows NT/2000 servers and MS Exchange 5.0/5.5/2000, Lotus Domino, Tiny Mail and Mail602 email servers. AVG Anti Virus Server checks all mail on arrival to user mailboxes or public directories. AVG Anti Virus Server in EXS monitors changes to individual mailboxes and public directories.

Important: To get 100% protection of whole network it is necessary to protect both servers by AVG Server and workstations by AVG Professional.

AVG Anti Virus Server for NT Server

AVG for NT Server is designed to protect NT Server systems. It differs from standard AVG by its approach to "on-access" file scanning. Not only does it check a local file access but also remote access, that is request for file access from local stations on the network.

All other functions are almost the same as in "classic" AVG Professional Edition designed for workstation protection. Below you will find descriptions of "basic" features of AVG Anti-Virus which are the same as in AVG Server Edition.

AVG Scanner - It means you will get the program which you can scheduled or run manually, choose which drives and which files will be checked for virus presence. If virus is found you will have several tools to solve the situation - you can heal the infected file (and remove virus infection) or you can store whole infected file in the special directory called AVG Virus Vault.

AVG Resident Protection for NT server
- If you selected to install the resident shield you can set it's parameters using AVG Control Center. All settings are the same as on the station, but you can also select to log to file (Event log). If a user tries to access an infected file on the server he/she will be informed the same way as if the file was not accessible because of the access rights. Not only does it check the local file access but also remote access, it requests file access from local stations on the network.

Update abilities - you can download free-of charge Update files, released at monthly basis from GRISOFT websites on Internet. You can arrange the download manually or on the automatic base via AVG Control Center.

NT Network server protection Updating
- Updating of the AVG NT server is initiated in the standard fashion, either over the internet or from the communication folder. The difference is that updates on the server are done without restart, whenever possible. Restart is necessary only if the key system files or the resident shield is updated. AVG Service, which installs automatically, compares existing and new files and changes only files that are out of date, even on a full update.

AVG Anti Virus for NT Server extends virus protection onto network servers. It is an important part of the fight against infection. AVG Anti Virus Server for NT is being constantly developed, especially in the direction of remote server access, scheduling without user logon, virus warning over the network, updates etc..

If you are interested in more details about AVG for NT Server, please download the product manual PDF form here.

AVG Anti Virus Server for Exchange Server

AVG Anit Virus for Exchange server (AVGRES for short) is a special solution for email protection on Microsoft Exchange Servers. It is well known that at the present time E-mail represents the biggest threat of virus infection, through unwanted attachments and documents containing malicious macros. More recent viruses have been able to replicate themselves throuth emailing themselves to contacts from your address book. By running AVG directly on an a mail server protection is both easier to control and execute.

AVGRES uses the AVG testing engine, which must already be installed (it is a part of product installation). AVGRES works as a service which monitors user mailboxes and public groups. If a mailbox receives an E-mail with an infected attachment the attachment will be removed and send to the Virus Vault. An administrator can heal or delete files in the Virus Vault later.

If you are interested in more details about AVG for Exchange Server, please download the product manual PDF from here.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - please note that an AVGADMIN is not a part of AVG Server Edition distribution package. This product (AVGADMIN), which is designed as a tool for network administrators, allows network installation, updateing, monitoring and setting is available as a part of "classic" AVG 6.0 Professional Edition only.

Windows NT and Exchange are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and the use of these terms do not imply any acceptance or authorisation by the respective owners.

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Anti-Virus System uses the latest revolutionary technologies - Virus Stalker and Active Modular Core.
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