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AVG Anti Virus Professional Multilicense for computer networks

AVG Anti Virus Professional Multilicense can protect not only individual computers but is designed to protect small and medium sized networks as well. Depending on the multi-license you buy, you can install and use the program on several computers (standalone or linked in the network). When a Anti Virus Professional Multilicense of AVG is purchased there is included a special software utility for network administrators to use on site installations, updates and communication.

Site installation
Site installation is used for installing AVG on individual network stations without having to use the install media on each. The administrator creates an install script, which can later be used for automatic setup to local workstations from the server.
When AVG is started for the first time it registers with the communication directory - every station is given a unique id, used in communication with the administrator.

Network update
Network update needs a network installation. It can be done in two ways:

Using the communication directory - The administrator saves the update file in the communication directory, which is checked by all local AVG installations on start-up (using the AVG Control Center). If the update is newer than the current program then an update is run automatically.
From the Intranet/Internet - if a station is on a network where a communication directory cannot be used, it is possible to set update from your own URL (Intranet, Internet), obviously you can use the Automatic Update feature.

Network communication - AVGADMIN for Windows
AVGADMIN is a communication utility program, which enables remote communication between AVG installations on a network. Administrators can query an AVG station for information about last update, tests run, results of those tests and virus infections as well as configure the AVG program itself. Administrators can also prohibit functions in AVG on stations (forbid advanced mode, the creation of rescue disk, the modification of AVG settings etc.)

Stations can be defined into groups. AVGADMIN is password protected to prevent unauthorized use. more...

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100% detection rate of AVG Anti-Virus System is continuously certified by independent ICSA laboratories.
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