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AVG Anti Virus Professional

AVG Anti Virus Professional Edition is a full commercial product offering maximum virus protection, product customization and most importantly free virus database updates and free technical support for live of the product.

AVG Anti Virus System is developed to provide complete protection on home and network computers alike. The core of the new testing engine is a Virtual Device Driver which loads into memory on Windows startup. This way, all parts of the AVG system can access it fully, providing reliable detection.

      • Control program
      • Two types of interface
      • AVG Resident shield
      • Healing
      • AVG Virus Vault
      • Free Updates
      • AVG Virus Alert
      • Advanced Scheduling
      • Test Results
      • Parameters Settings
      • Control program

The Control program serves for "on demand" virus scanning. There are three types of test - Main test, Complete test and Removable Media test. You can customize the Main and Complete tests and save them as separate user tests. Tests can be started using a simple-to-use scheduler on a regular basis.

Apart from the standard virus scanner AVG, comes armed with a powerful Heuristic Analyser and Integrity Test, which can be combined together. AVG also uses Intelligent scanning, which means that it scans every file but only files capable of carrying viruses are analyzed in detail. This saves you a lot of time and inconvenience.

Two types of interface

Everybody is different, where one person likes a simple one-button interface, another will like to configure and customize the software. For this reason AVG comes in two forms - Basic and Advanced.

Basic interface
The Basic interface is for those who like simple, "minimum fuss" software and are happy to use the default tests optimized by the manufacturer. The Basic interface contains all tests and information in one window. The left side of the window contains information about the different modules of AVG. In case a warning is displayed about one of these modules, click its button to find more information about it or to activate it. You have a choice of two tests, Complete Test which checks hard drives using a combination of scanning, integrity checking and Heuristic analysis, and the Removable Media Test which checks diskettes, CD ROM's and other removable media.

Advanced interface
Aimed at the experienced user who craves a multi-featured, fully customizable environment. As well as using the default AVG tests you can create your own User Tests - with specially set parameters. Scheduler is also more advanced and AVG functions can be set remotely when using AVGADMIN (see below).

AVG Resident shield

The Resident protection in AVG Anti Virus works continuously in the background and detects viruses with the same efficiency as the main program. Thanks to the new testing core in AVG the Resident Shield can now utilize the heuristic emulator and the entire virus database. The advantage of this approach is that it is capable of stopping a virus before it invades your hard disk even if you do not run the main program on a regular basis.

AVG Email Scanner

AVG Email Virus Scanner tests incoming and outgoing messages and their attachments, catching viruses before they are saved on your computer. Infected attachments are sent to the Virus Vault. Emails can be certified with a text message, which confirms that they are virus free, and gives the version and date of AVG used to test them.


We dedicate a lot of effort to the removal of viruses from infected files and objects. Successful removal can often save you many hours of work recovering your data, reinstalling your programs or reconfiguring your operating system. It is safe to say that AVG is not only among the best in terms of virus detection, but also excels in their removal. Even if a virus cannot be removed AVG does not force you to delete the file, but lets you lock it up in its Virus Vault where it is kept safely until you decide what you want to do with it.

AVG Virus Vault

With our desire to keep AVG up to date against the constant flow of new viruses, it is possible that AVG will be able to detect a virus an update or two before it has the ability to fix it. Every infected file is locked up in the Virus Vault, a special encrypted folder. From there you can heal or restore the file at a later date. Viruses stored in the vault cannot replicate!

Free Updates

Every antivirus program needs regular updates. Each month we add hundreds of new virus signatures to the AVG virus database. Updates are released at regular, monthly intervals and users from around the world can download them from our web pages for free. Internet updates can be initialized directly from the AVG program (a one-click operation) or can be scheduled to run automatically at regular intervals - Automatic Update.

AVG Virus Alert

AVG Virus Alert Network is free of charge service for all AVG users. All you need to do is give us your e-mail address (more information can be found at We will update you on:

new information from our virus research laboratory
new AVG versions, functions and features available through this website
any important information regarding AVG or computer security you should know
Advanced Scheduling

The AVG Professional Edition in Advanced interface allows you to set a better conditions for running of scheduled tests. Whereas AVG basic allows you to run test every 24 hours only, in Advanced interface you can define almost any possible parameter - day or days when test should run, time and what to do if the test can not be run, etc...

If you like a scheduled tests, because they don't bother you in your computer usage, you will appreciate the advanced features of AVG scheduler available in AVG Professional Edition.

Test Results

Whereas the Test Results in Basic interface are only the reports of former tests, the same Test Results are quite strong tool in Advanced Interface. You can not only see what happened in the test, but you can activate the actions directly from Test Result viewer - you can activate Healing, File deletion, Moving the infected files to Virus Vault etc...

Parameters Settings

If you are an expert or you would like to adjust the programs behaviors exactly for your necessity, you need to make some program parameters modification.

AVG professional Edition offers you all important parameters that can be set to fulfill your requests. You can set how many Test results will be stored in the program, which test will use heuristic analysis, which extensions will be checked, which tests are allowed to use automatic healing feature and which not, which program/files properties will be announced (you can get message about all files containing a macros) and many more.

AVG Professional runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

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100% detection rate of AVG Anti-Virus System is continuously certified by independent ICSA laboratories.
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Anti-Virus System uses the latest revolutionary technologies - Virus Stalker and Active Modular Core.
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