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ipFireGuard+ Main Features
The main features of ipFireGuard+ are:
  • Significantly lower cost than IGear (one of the best commercial filters)
  • Can block adverts by the use of an advert URL block list
  • Can filter text and HTML pages for obscene (sexual, racial, violent, etc) content
  • Uses an advanced phrase weighting system to reduce over or under blocking
  • Can filter sites using the PICS labeling system
  • Can filter according to MIME type and file extension
  • Can filter according to URLs including Regular Expression URLs
  • URL filtering is compatible with squidGuard black lists
  • The URL filtering is able to filter https requests
  • Can work in a 'whitelist' mode where all sites except those listed are blocked
  • Can block all IP based URLs
  • Is able to block sites when users try using the IP address of the site instead
  • Produces a log in a very human readable format
  • Optionally produces a log in CSV format for east import into databases etc
  • Is able to log the username using either Ident or basic proxy authentication
  • It has the ability to switch off filtering for specified sites, parts of sites, browser IPs and usernames
  • Can block specified source IPs and usernames
  • Can block or limit web uploading (e.g. attachments in Hotmail)
  • Has the ability to work in a stealth mode where it logs sites that would have been blocked, but does not block them
  • This allows you to monitor your users without them knowing
  • Uses a very intelligent algorithm to match phrases in web pages mixed in with HTML code and white space
  • Big5, Unicode and top-bit set characters can be used in search phrases
  • The configuration lists use the same incredibly fast code that allows them all to be hundreds of thousands of entries long
  • Supports compressed (Content-Encoding gzip and deflate) HTML
  • Can be made to only listen on 1 IP
ipFireGuard+ inherits these features from the web content filter being used under GPL License - DansGuardian.
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