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ipFireGuard firewall Scotland
protects your network from prying & spying eyes and the dangers of unwanted attacks

The increasing use and uptake of the internet, email and ecommerce brings with it considerable benefits for companies both large and small. Unfortunately, it also brings with it increasing threats of abuse, hacking and unwelcome attempts to compromise and infiltrate your company's network.

Also, the increasing use of broadband with 24/7 connections further increases the possibility of unwelcome attention being directed at your network for a number purposes, mostly all illegal, and in turn can compromise not only your physical network but also your company's data, profitability and possible long term survival.

What is ipFireGuard firewall?
ipFireGuard is a Linux firewall/gateway distribution geared towards home, small and medium enterprise/company (SME) users. The ipFireGuard interface is user-friendly and task-based. ipFireGuard offers the critical functionality of an expensive network appliance using low-cost hardware and OpenSource Software. ipFireGuard is built around the IPCop* Software providing best value, high functionality network security at the packet level.

How does ipFireGuard firewall work?
ipFireGuard Firewall basically sits "in between" your Internet connection (dial-up modem, isdn, cable-modem, xDSL, etc) and monitors & routes internal and external requests using a set of rules for the TCP/IP traffic that underlies all Internet activities. The default rules, ideal for most users, are essentially simple in nature. Where necessary these rules can be tailored to suit almost every situation (topology diagram).

They allow you to "surf" to the outside world and visit web-sites, FTP, email and so forth. And as you go about your tasks on the Internet, ipFireGuard allows return traffic from those tasks, that you requested, to pass through.

Intrusion Detection
IDS acts like a burglar alarm or night watchman on your network monitoring the comings & goings of traffic. If some random TCP/IP traffic comes in, requesting information from your computer, and that traffic is not in response to your requests or authorised, ipFireGuard refuses access and logs all unauthorised entry attempts.

You are able to go about your normal business, but when the bad guys try to come after you, because they are not responding to a requests by you, they are stopped cold. Think of ipFireGuard Firewall as your friendly traffic cop down on the corner, making sure that things travel smoothly, and enforcing good rules on your Internet traffic.

* ipCop & DansGuardian used in ipFireGuard & ipFireGuard+ are distributed under the GNU/Linux General Public License.
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